Verify Google My Business With Video

NOW YOU’LL BE ABLE TO VERIFY YOUR GOOGLE MY BUSINESS LISTING OVER A VIDEO CALL It’s quite ironic that an internet giant like Google relied on old school “Postcard verification” to verify your Google My Business maps listing process till now. In order to verify your business, you had to send a request via Google My Business and then wait … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Entrepreneurship

Starting Your Own Business. The Ultimate Guide To Entrepreneurship. Learn everything you need to be your own boss, build a business, and reach your career goals. Entrepreneurship is the process of starting (or improving upon) a business with the ultimate goal of making a profit. It often involves great risk and uncertainty, but it’s also an opportunity to overcome those challenges … Read More

How mobile search queries are reshaping the B2B landscape for growth

The B2B Landscape and Mobile Search Queries There’s a new generation of B2B buyers out there. In the past, companies relied on personal relationships to build their brand. Whether it was in-person, at industry events, or over the phone, the human element between business and customer played a pivotal role in business growth. But digital changed that dynamic. B2B customers … Read More

On The Maps Teams Up With The Shade Tree For Women Empowerment

On The Maps Teams Up With The Shade Tree For Women Empowerment The Project Aims to Teach Career Development and Entrepreneurship while Empowering the Minds of Homeless Women and Domestic Abuse Victims. On The Maps (OTM), a Las Vegas digital marketing company has launched a joint campaign with The Shade Tree to help homeless women throughout the state of Nevada. … Read More

Google My Business Marketing Tools

GOOGLE Launches New Google My Business Marketing Tools & Trusted Partner Program for Agencies They have recently updated the Google My Business API, making it easier for agencies and partners to manage multiple local business listings. Google says: “In the last couple of years, we’ve invested in the Google My Business API, introducing features like Reviews, Menus, Insights, and Posts … Read More

Google Discover: Welcome To The Future!

Last year we introduced the Google feed to surface relevant content to you, even when you’re not searching. It’s grown dramatically over the past year: more than 800 million people use the feed each month to stay up to date on their interests. Today—as a part of three fundamental shifts in how we think about Search—we’re launching a major update to this experience, including a … Read More

Google’s Core Algorithm Update

Google released a core algorithm update in August. Some industries were hit harder than others. Basically, the health and medical industry, and “Your Money Your Life (YMYL)” sites were affected the most. Webmasters were quick to call it the “Medic update”. In case you don’t know about “Your Money Your Life (YMYL)” sites, Google defines them as sites that can … Read More

4 Things That Won’t Work With Your Reseller Channel

white label reseller

To build a successful reseller channel, you can’t take anything for granted. Provide the channel program structure, products, and support your resellers need. Full-service Digital Marketing company OTM attributes much of its success to establishing a successful reseller channel. DevPro Journal asked OTM’s CEO Karina Singer to explain how her company built a sustainable channel early in the company’s history. She shared … Read More

Influencing with ad copy: how to truly drive action

Is your ad copy ineffective? Let’s discuss how you can tap into your customers’ decision-making brains to drive clicks and conversions. Persuasion. Influence. Psychology. The conversion rate optimization (CRO) crowd is adept at tapping into these to drive the actions of their audiences. When it comes to ad copy, there may not appear to be a lot we can do … Read More