Building A Brand Strategy

building a brand strategy

Building A Brand Strategy

build brand strategy

What is the most important factor to consider for business owners to trigger success? The answer is certainly building the brand and, more specifically brand awareness. You need to make sure that customers are aware of what your company can offer them and that you have built up a solid platform to expand and evolve the reach of your business.

It’s hard to list all the different factors that impact your brand because the answer is virtually everything. Social media, phone calls, employees’ interactions. Every time a customer or potential client interacts with your company it triggers a change in the reputation of your brand. That’s why it’s so important to build up a fantastic brand for your business. Here is a great guide you can use to get set up the right way, focusing on the latest trends.

Find The Customers You Need To Target

The first step to building a brand strategy is to make sure that you know who you are marketing to. Who are your target customers? There will be a temptation to see your business as offering a product or service that is completely universal. But in most cases, this won’t be true. Indeed, research shows that companies that focus in on a target group of customers and learn their language or what they want is the best way to build a brand.

For instance, if your customers are looking for highly fashionable products than this needs to be part of your brand strategy when you start to sell your company to them.

Be aware that when you start to look at what customers you are targeting, you may already have a brand strategy. You can grow your company around this concept, exploring how you are presenting yourself in the industry and what type of customers you are attracting.

Understand The Market And The Competition

Do make sure that you are aware of your position in the market as well the position of those you will be competing against. This will allow you to find your place and find a spot isn’t quite as crowded where your brand can really take off and thrive. There are important questions to answer at this stage such as how big the market for your business is, and you need to discover your TAM or total addressable market.

Look at your competition now and how your competition could be in the future. You can explore their strengths and improve in areas where they are weak whether that’s a case of a higher quality or offering your product at a better value.

Discover Your Brand Position

The next step is to make sure that you know what your brand is offering that isn’t replicated anywhere else


on the market. This is your brand positioning, and you should be able to sum it up in one sentence. What separates you from a sea of competition? This potentially could be a unique selling point. The simplest way to find the position is to consider who you are targeting, what you are doing for them and how you do this. Used correctly this can help you build an ultimate tagline for your company.

Writing The Guidelines

Now, that you know who you are marketing to and what your position on the market is, you can start to consider what the essential parts of your brand are. These guidelines should be used for every piece of content and every interaction anyone in your team has with the client or the outside world. Brand guidelines are vitally important if you ever decide to use outside support within your business model. They can include everything from style of photography and fonts to voice, tone or tagline.

All these pieces kept constant will help customers identify your business, your brand, your products and services on the market instantly. This is how you know your brand building strategy has been successful.

Create The Best Content

Next, think about how to create content that promotes and grows your brand. Content is still king, but it is becoming more important to diversify the type of content that you are offering clients. So, you can’t just rely on 500-word articles anymore. You need to go deeper with richer, quality content as well as videos, infographics, and images. Remember to follow your brand guidelines when creating this type of content and approach promoting it the right way. Creating great content isn’t enough. You then need to push it to your target clients. These days, this is all about the influencers.

When you hear the term ‘influencers’ you probably think of celebrities and iconic individuals. However, it’s becoming clearer that the ultimate loyal customer is more useful for building a brand than the famous random individual using your product or service. These are the individuals you should be targeting to help you get the high-quality content noticed.

Building The Brand Through Technology

There are various tech possibilities on the market that you should explore when you are working to build up a brand. Apps are going to be increasingly important in 2019. Particularly apps that provide a deeper user experience that can be constantly updated with fresh content and can always provide fresh benefits for users. You need to work with a developer to create an app that can help you build engaging content incorporated with a great search strategy.

Beyond apps, you should also make sure that you are looking into artificial intelligence. Bots can be used to quickly address the needs of concerns of customers, helping create positive memories that will boost your brand. You might already have a call system set up for complaints. Consider testing a text-based, automated option. Providing an efficient service to customers and solving their problems is always going to help your brand image grow.

As well as this do remember that voice interfaces are becoming far more common and should relate to your brand building strategy. Research shows that customers are far more likely to use voice interfaces. As such, your promotion online should reflect searches for questions rather than keywords.

We hope this helps you build up your own reputation to guarantee that you have a brand that customers can’t ignore.

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