What Professional Development Could Do For Your Business

Professional Development

What Professional Development Could Do For Your Business

We have all heard the line “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. If you haven’t already experienced this first hand within a job of your own, it is important that you understand this phrase has some merit to it. But compared to another powerful statistic, managers come in last. Recent research has proved that the reason why most people leave their job is due to subpar professional development opportunities.

“Our data showed that the percentages of people whose decision to leave an organization were driven by a manager or pay was roughly even at 12% and 11% respectively. Leadership was more than double that at 28%. Development opportunities came in at a whopping 52%, dwarfing the other factors as the driver of the decision to leave.” See more here

Career Builder Survey

From the CareerBuilder Survey: Offering frequent recognition, merit bonuses, training programs, and clearly defined career paths are important ways to show workers what they mean to the company […]. From the Harvard Business Review, “Why Top Young Managers Are in a Nonstop Job Hunt:” Frequent turnover can cost your company thousands in hiring and training.

The bottom line is this – when people are given the opportunity to advance, they become invested, your customers benefit from the increased productivity and your top talent sticks around. Now isn’t that an idea worth exploring?


Written By: Amanda McCarty; Graphic Designer and Creativity Guru for On The Maps 

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